ELIMAST partner of the project "Adamello 270"

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Starting from the base of Elimast helicopters Temù the ambitious project "ADA 270".

"ADA (Adamello) 270 - the future in the past" the Mandrone glacier tells its story, the most important ice extraction in the Alps is underway.

ELIMAST is a partner for the operations of setting up the base camp and the preparatory work for the drilling of the Mandrone Glacier, on the Adamello massif.

It took about twenty rotations of the ELIMAST helicopter to bring all the material needed to set up the base camp to Pian di Neve on Thursday. Including the special probe, which arrived from Switzerland, which will descend over 270 meters into the bowels of the glacier. Pride and emotion bring the scientific team that will reconstruct the last 200-300 years of the climatic and environmental history of the Alpine area.

The Adamello Glacier is a veritable safe that for centuries has kept treasures still unexplored by science: pollen, dust, sand, as well as spores and seeds, without counting the remains of organisms and chemical compounds.

Elimast always near the mountain, with respect and attention!

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