Helicopter Hire and Services

Elimast s.r.l. is an aeronautical company that offers helicopter services

Elimast s.r.l. offers Aerial Work services (flights, observation, aerial filming for cinema and television, load lifting, aerial spraying, air surveys for environment purposes) as well as Public Transport services (chartering, pleasure flights and quick helicopter transfers).

The Areas Of Operation

















  • Pleasure Flight Pleasure Flight Helicopter Hire and Services Try for once the emotion of changing points of view! Come with Elimast to live an unforgettable experience of panoramic helicopter flight, to fly over breathtaking views over the Alpine horizon and admire the most fascinating landscapes of northern Italy from a different point of view. We organize…
    Adamello tour Franciacorta tour Lake Garda tour Lake Iseo tour panoramic flights pleasure flights Presolana tour Sebino tour ski resorts tour Val Camonica tour weddings excursions
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  • ELIMAST Experience ELIMAST Experience Helicopter Hire and Services Helicopter services for adrenaline lovers and for all those who wish to experience a day full of emotions and an unforgettable experience.ELIMAST Experience brings you the latest frontier of adrenaline sports to the fullest, an unforgettable experience between the blue of the sky, the snow-capped peaks… Facebook Twitter Google+ Continue
  • Passenger Chartering Passenger Chartering Helicopter Hire and Services In the world of business, time is an essential factor and success depends on how quickly decisions are made and on you being there when the decisions are made. In today’s congested cities, Elitaxi allow you to reach your destinations quickly and safely and at the same time project a modern and successful…
    heli taxi helicopter transfers helipad hire heliski passenger chartering pleasure flights private helicopter vip transfers
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  • Cargo Transportation and Load Lifting Cargo Transportation and Load Lifting Helicopter Hire and Services External load lifting by helicopter with cargo hook is our main activity. Our helicopters transport building materials, wood and poles, concrete, drainage materials, quickly and safely. Contattaci
    cargo transportation external load external load transportation mountain cargo transportation mountain hut helicopter mountain hut supply water transportation to fight wood fires wood transportation during land clearance
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  • Aerial Work Aerial Work Helicopter Hire and Services Precision installations, aerial spraying, cable stretching, land clearance and all aerial work requires experience and professionalism, as well as excellent coordination between our ground staff and the pilots. Helicopters are the best and most convenient solution to reach the most remote and inaccessible…
    aerial spraying aqueduct construction concrete electric pylon assembly hydroseeding land clearance mountain work precision installations rockfall protection and snow barrier construction roofing topographic relief
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  • Aerial Filming Aerial Filming Helicopter Hire and Services Our helicopter fleet can transport individual cameramen or entire TV crews, to shoot documentaries, commercials, films, cycling events etc. Contattaci
    filming Photography reports television coverage video reports
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  • Firefighting, Civil Protection and Mountain Rescue Firefighting, Civil Protection and Mountain Rescue Helicopter Hire and Services In addition to Firefighting Services, Elimast supports the Civil Protection department by offering rescuing and environmental monitoring services. Contattaci
    avalanche rescue civil protection Firefighting helicopter rescue mountain rescue
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  • Pylon Assembly and Cable Stretching Pylon Assembly and Cable Stretching Helicopter Hire and Services The construction of new power lines or ski-lifts includes laying the first guiding cable with the use of the helicopter. The Elimast team is formed by highly qualified staff that controls the guiding cable. Depending on the length and weight of the guiding cable, a counterweight with electric release…
    cable car pylon assembly cable stretching cable stringing cableway pylon assembly power line pylon assembly ski lift pylon assembly
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  • Avalanche Control Avalanche Control Helicopter Hire and Services Mountain safety is essential to allow mountain life and activities to carry on normally. Excessive amounts of snow in particular climate conditions can put mountain life and activities at risk, this is why Elimast has chosen Daisybell®, the most advanced avalanche control system. The new Daisybell®… Facebook Twitter Google+ Continue
  • Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Hire and Services Maffeo Comensoli obtained his pilot licence in 1986-87, when he was only 17 years old; after a period spent in the United States where he refined his flight techniques, he moved back to Italy. After 20 years dedicated to aerial work, mainly across the Alps, he decided to found Elimast, basing the… Facebook Twitter Google+ Continue