Travel Across Northern Italy by Helicopter

Travel Across Northern Italy Travel Across Northern Italy Click to enlarge

To be comfortable, safe and on time, fly with ELIMAST Helicopter Service!

Our fleet includes two of the most modern and safe helicopters, ideal to move quickly from one town to another, for work or for pleasure.

Each helicopter can carry a maximum of 5 passengers with one bag each (max 15 kg). Popular destinations are: Milan, Venice, Florence, Aosta and Lake Garda, but upon request we can fly you anywhere you like!

We offer transfers from/to airports, hotels, wineries and golf clubs across Northern Italy and upon request, to other Italian destinations.

What are you waiting for? Book your helicopter tour or our quick and safe transfer service now! Contact us for info, prices and reservations

Operated by E+S AIR S.r.l. IT.AOC.0161