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We stand out for our continuous commitment to providing our clients impeccable, professional services with competitive prices, ensuring the highest level of safety

Elimast is an aeronautical company that offers helicopter aerial work services, passenger chartering and pleasure flights. Highly specialised staff and important commissions have consolidated the company’s expertise and professionalism in the helicopter service sector, making it extremely competitive nationwide.

The company’s objective is to provide all its clients impeccable, professional services with competitive prices while ensuring the highest level of safety.

Elimast extensively experienced personnel is available to take on any service request, providing specific equipment for each type of job.

The fleet’s helicopters are equipped for all kinds of aerial work, passenger chartering and pleasure flights. For each specific request, we use different helicopters and specific certified and homologated equipment.

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The main operation base is in Darfo Boario Terme (Brescia), and features a 600 m2 hangar and a heliport covering an area of approximately 600 m2.

Since the end of 2015 we also have a hangar at Passo del Tonale and from the end of 2020 an advanced detached base in Temù (just outside Ponte di Legno), strategic points for aerial work in upper Valcamonica and Trentino, and a starting point for exciting tourist and panoramic flights of Vallecamonica and Adamello. The latter, thanks to the advanced technologies adopted, is a reference point for Helicopter Rescue in the Upper Valley for assistance to the population, medical rescue, mountain rescue and civil protection.

Operated by E+S AIR S.r.l. IT.AOC.0161 
Elimast performs its services in cooperation with operators holding every certification required by Aeronautical regulations (in particular the Air Operator Certificate and Flight License).


ELIMAST is a certified company

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Elimast is a certified company for the implementation and subsequent development of an effective Workplace Safety Management System in accordance with international standards.

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