• Lake Garda Tour

    Helicopter tourist flight over Lake Garda

    Lake Garda Tour

    Discover the beauty of Garda by helicopter with the ELIMAST Tour!

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  • Helicopter for Tourist flights

    Discover the beauty of Val Camonica, Lake Iseo, Adamello, Franciacorta and Lake Garda

    Helicopter for Tourist flights

    Feel the emotion for once of changing your point of view! Give an emotion!

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  • ELIMAST Helicopter Service

    Pleasure Flights, Passenger Chartering, Cargo Transportation, Aerial Work

    ELIMAST Helicopter Service

    ELIMAST is the No. 1 helicopter company in the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo!

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Darfo N 45°52'37" E 10°10'23"

Tonale N 46°15'11" E 10°34'09"

Via Bontempi 16, 25047 Darfo B. T. (Brescia) Italy
Phone (+39) 0364.598881 | +39 347.1016970

Radio 130,00 AM

ELIMAST Helicopter Service

Elimast S.r.l. is an aeronautical company in Brescia that offers competitive helicopter Aerial Work Services, Passenger Chartering, Pleasure Flights, Aerial Work, Cargo Transportation. We are pioneers for Pleasure Flight for discover the beauty of Val Camonica, Lake Iseo, Adamello, Franciacorta and Lake Garda.

Operated by E+S AIR S.r.l. IT.AOC.0161 
Elimast performs its services in cooperation with operators holding every certification required by Aeronautical regulations (in particular the Air Operator Certificate and Flight License).

We operate mainly in Lombardy and adjacent areas:
Val Camonica, Lake Iseo, Franciacorta, Adamello, Brescia, Bergamo, Verona, Lecco, Como, Sondrio, Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardy, Italy

Helicopter Hire and Services

Elimast s.r.l. offers Aerial Work services (flights, observation, aerial filming for cinema and television, load lifting, aerial spraying, air surveys for environment purposes) as well as Public Transport services (chartering, pleasure flights and quick… Continue

Pleasure Flight Pleasure Flight Helicopter Service

Pleasure Flight

Discover the beauty of Val Camonica, Lake Iseo, Adamello, Franciacorta and Lake Garda with ELIMAST Helicopter…
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ELIMAST Experience ELIMAST Experience Helicopter Service

ELIMAST Experience

ELIMAST Experience brings you to an unforgettable experience between the blue of the sky, the outdoor…
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Passenger Chartering Passenger Chartering Helicopter Service

Passenger Chartering

Helicopter transfers to reach your destinations quickly and safely
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Cargo Transportation and Load Lifting Cargo Transportation and Load Lifting Helicopter Service

Cargo Transportation and Load Lifting

We transport cargo and external loads by helicopter safely and on time
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Aerial Work Aerial Work Helicopter Service

Aerial Work

We carry out aerial work with precision, experience and professionalism
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Aerial Filming Aerial Filming Helicopter Service

Aerial Filming

Helicopters for aerial photography reports and filming
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Helicopter Pleasure Flight / ELIMAST Experience

Try for once the emotion of changing points of view! Come with Elimast to live an unforgettable experience of panoramic helicopter flight, to fly over breathtaking views over the Alpine horizon and admire the most fascinating landscapes of northern Italy… Continue

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