Il ghiacciaio di nessuno: “Rifiuti di trincea” with Vittorio Sgarbi

Il ghiacciaio di nessuno: Il ghiacciaio di nessuno: "Rifiuti di trincea" Click to enlarge

Elimast awaits you at Sunday, August 6th 2017 to bring at the event to the Passo Lago Scuro (Ponte di Legno) with departure from the Tonale.

For people who have no can walk stand and down on Sunday, August 6th our helicopters will take you to the place taking off from the base to the Passo del Tonale (Trentino) alongside the Tonolini barracks.

The price per person is 60 € for the going and 60 € for the return.

For longer-term tours you can arrange on-site.

Click here for more information on how to reach our helicopter base at Tonale Pass.

For info and reservations: 335 265341